Updating/Canceling an Order

Updating an Order

To update an order we need to make the changes and send a Put request to the API this can be found on the Creating A Sell Order page.

New Orders check the Start, End, taker, and make.value if any of these are invalid you will receive a 400 response code from the API.

The price can only be lowered and not increased, to increase the price you will need to cancel the order and create a new one.

Canceling an Order

Canceling an order needs to be done on-chain by calling the cancel method on the exchange contract.

function cancel(LibOrder.Order memory order) public {
require(_msgSender() == order.maker, "not a maker");
bytes32 orderKeyHash = LibOrder.hashKey(order);
fills[orderKeyHash] = UINT256_MAX;
emit Cancel(orderKeyHash);